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Technology and the Savvy Shopper

I love a good bargain. I drag myself out of bed the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday to get the best deals. This year I branched out to Cyber Monday, the Monday following Black Friday. As I was shopping online, I had an epiphany regarding web 2.0 tools and teachers. Most of the websites I was shopping on Amazon and Sam’s Club to name a few had options for their deals of the day and sale information to come through Twitter. No going from website to website to find the deals. Twitter did the work for me aggregating all sales information in one convenient place.I think this offers a lot of potential for engaging teachers in the power of web 2.0. If teachers can see a personal use for these tools, they are more likely to use these for professional development and consider how they might be used with students.Too often in-service time is spent on pushing buttons for a pay off that is too abstract for someone that has not really tried a web 2.0 tool. Let’s focus on something useful …