Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Every Educator Should Watch


Over the break, I watched, Waiting for “Superman,” a documentary analyzing the failures of the American public education system. The film is a tangle of facts, figures and emotional stories of children and their families. It’s bold, matter of fact, and compelling.

Do they have it right? Do the facts have merit?

I am urging each and every educator to watch this film and draw their own conclusions because policy-makers and community members certainly are…..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Winning Webinar

One might think my lack of webinar facilitation experience, five total, would limit the potential for profound insight…. but in truth, I think it’s my lack of experience that might be beneficial. I have no special technology degrees, no formal training in webinar facilitation. In other words, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Here are my Lessons Learned:

  • Just do it – No substitute for experience. No amount of planning will completely remove those butterflies.
  • Use Familiar Content – New content and a new format is a recipe for stress.
  • Script it Out – I write out exactly what I am going to say. I put everything in the notes section of the PPT.
  • Team up – Work with a moderator & meet with them ahead of time. Run through your presentation, ask for suggestions on how to embed interactive activities.
  • Interact with your Audience – Every 10 to 15 minutes have an interactive activity.. Questioning – smiley faces, polling, chat box – response to questions. Something, anything to get folks involved.
  • Keep it Up – After your first webinar, do another and then another … it does get easier.

With careful planning you can transform what might otherwise be a sterile environment into an interactive and engaging learning experience for both you and your participants!