Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott was the featured at our administrative book club this year. True to its title the book boldly described the need and the process for having critical conversations both at home and the work place. The book resonates with sound, practical advice. For a taste of the author’s edgy wisdom read on:

“I don’t know about you, but I have not yet witnessed a spontaneous recovery from incompetence” (p. 60).

“As a leader, you get what you tolerate” (p. 60).

“What are you pretending not to know” (p. 70).

“Sometimes we put so many pillows around a message that the message gets lost altogether” (p. 144).

“Identify your contribution to the problem” (p. 151).

Stay tuned as we apply Principle 1: Master the Courage to Interrogate Reality to school improvement.

Scott, S. (2003). Fierce conversations: Achieving success at work and in life one conversation at a time. New York: Berkley Book.


kemeigh said…
I participated in the book club with Kelly. All the folks who were in the group utilized some bit of practical advice from the book with their staff. It was amazing that "things" just came up daily that connected practically to what we were reading. Be sure to tune in to the further postings about this book. You will not be disappointed.

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