Leadership is Essential

A good friend and colleague, Greg Llewellyn, recently came to my Curriculum Council Meeting to discuss strategies for effective implementation of initiatives. Greg shared his experience with school systems that have implemented district-wide initiatives successfully.

He recommended districts consider a district-wide leadership team consisting of leadership at all levels whom meet frequently. This system helps to create a coherent understanding and common language regarding the initiative and the goal. It also helps with implementation issues that often develop regarding policy and procedures. These can best be acknowledged and addressed through a district leadership team.

District leaders shared that this format was highly successful and kept potential “rogues” from going off on their own.

The Caveat:

Attendance at the leadership team was non-negotiable!

For this district leadership team to work, all stakeholders must be present at critical decision points. Therefore, if all could not be present, the meeting was rescheduled.

To quote Greg, “Leadership is not expendable!”


kemeigh said…
I too, attended that meeting and I totally agree with Kelly and Greg. It is the "trickle down" effect. If those at the helm are all speaking the same language with the same goals and vision - success is more likely. Also, the folks in the ranks will have confidence and trust in their leaders.
Strong leadership truly is not expendable - it is a non-negotiable!

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