Virtual Math Manipulatives

I was glancing through the Journal of Special Education Technology and came upon an article on virtual math manipulatives. The virtual manipulatives are intriguing, providing practice and feedback at little to no cost. There is no clean up and kids have access at home. Below are the recommended websites from the article along with some examples.

Check out some of the sites:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -
Virtual Fractions -
NCTM Illuminations -
Project Interactive -
Base-Ten Blocks -

Skylar, A. (2008). Virtual manipulatives as an assistive technology support for students with high-incidence disabilities. Journal of Special Education Technology, 23(1), 47-5


skulics said…
Most children need hands-on, concrete, experiences in math in order to make connections and understand math at a deeper level. Unfortunately, many middle school and secondary teachers see manipulatives as "elementary." Hopefully with these virtual manipulatives, more students will have more hands-on experiences.

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