Best Conference Ever

The National Staff Development Council (NSDC)Conference is by far the best conference I have attended... and as a professional developer I have attended my fair share.

The pre-conference sessions on Sat. and Sunday are with some of the most renowned speakers from across the nation. Two years ago, I spent the day with David Sousa talking about applications of brain research. I am still using the information I brought back from the workshop.

Monday through Wednesday are numerous sessions on just about any topic imaginable.... math, professional learning communities, school improvement, literacy, technology, induction, mentoring and the list goes on......

What makes this conference stand out from all the others is the quality of the presentations. Facilitators go out of their way to model effective staff development practices. I leave, not just with good content, but also with effective strategies to share the learning.

NSDC's annual conference is in Washington, DC this year. It will be held from December 6-10, 2008. I don't think it is planned to be in the east coast again for some time...... Consider going, you won't regret it.


kemeigh said…
I too, had a great time at the last NSDC conference in Dallas Texas. It is so close to us in PA that I highly recommend the "journey" to Washington D.C.
I spent the day with Shirley Hord discussing Professional Learning Communities. The PLC is "a staff that shares visions that have an undeviating focus on student learning, and support norms of behavior that guide decisions about teaching and learning." Ellie Drago-Severson's work on adult learning complemented and supported what I learned about PLCs. Again, go to the conference if at all possible. You will not be disappointed!

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