Chemistry Example

Check out Karl Fisch's blog ..... author of Shift Happens and Edublog 2007 winner.
His recent post was about a chemistry teacher transforming his classroom through screencasting and podcasting. Make sure you read the student comment.

Karl Fisch's Blog


Anonymous said…
So what is a teacher to do if she doesn't lecture or reviews the text? This, in some ways, reverses the roles of teacher and student, or at least puts everyone upside down. First, the student becomes more responsible for her learning--she has to go to the podcasts and watch them, and decide when she has understood the content. And the teacher in a way becomes the student--she has to give up "the bearer of knowledge" title and figure out ways to assess what the student knows and find ways to take that knowledge further. I think this model of learning definitely ties into the idea that, because knowledge is expanding at such a high rate, we, as teachers, can no longer teach as we did in the past, but rather have to prepare students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. But there are a lot of decisions to be made. This new model seems to incorporate individuality, whereas the current climate of accountability has created fertile ground for adherence to procedures. A lot of questions to answer . . .

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