Blogging: What's all the hype?

Blogging is an addiction....

I never really expected to have this reaction to blogging. It kinda crept up on me. Blogging allows me access to the thinking of some amazing people. I get tons of ideas.... all for FREE. I can take advantage of these great ideas when I want, where I want. If you want to catch the blogging bug... check out a few of these favorites.....

ASCD's Blog - Inservice

Council for Exceptional Children - RtI

School Library Journal - NeverEndingSearch

Karl Fisch - The Fischbowl

Doug Johnson - The Blue Skunk Blog

If none of these are to taste, check out this list of educational blog favorites. It is from 2006, but the blogs I spot checked were still active.

Calling all bloggers. Add your favorite blogs and corresponding links in the comments section!


lsmith said…
I found a blog I really like called Pogue's Posts. David Pogue writes for the NY Times and his blog is all about the latest technology. He has a sense of humor and really creates interesting discussion between his blog followers. I have found many of his tips on how to better utilize my PC have increased the speed at which i am able to work. While not everything he writes is educational in nature, it certainly can help everyone better utilize their tech skills. Plus he often gives reviews and opinions on new technologies that may some day make their way into our schools! Check him out at

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