School Improvement is Simple


Todd Whitaker in his publication, What Great Teachers Do Differently, says school improvement is simple….

Either get better teachers or improve the teachers you have.

What do you think?

Is this too simplistic of an answer?

As the professionals on the front-line, does improvement mainly rest on the teachers’ shoulders?


deburkins said…
Too simplistic. Good teachers are, of course, critical! However, if we read Whitaker as putting it all "on the shoulders of teachers," then we ignore his implication that school leaders (not teachers alone) are responsible for creating the systems and structures that encourage, support, and shape the continuing improvement of the teachers we have. Per Deming and a host of folks who've built upon his work, it's management's work on "the system," not the "willing workers," to which we must attend.
Kelly Pauling said…
While I think teachers make the difference with students, leaders make the difference with teachers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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