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A colleague recently expressed interest in Twitter and other web 2.0 tools, but dismissed them because she didn't have time. I agreed. She did not have time to go to multiple websites and get the latest updates. I can't think of an administrator that does have time.

iGoogle is a personalized web page and  is a one stop organizer for me.  It allows me to add news, photos, weather, and much more from across the web. At a glance I can check my personal email, which I use to access a lot of the web 2.0 tools, Twitter, and the various blogs I read through Google Reader. In other words, iGoogle does the work for me... pulling and organizing all the latest updates into one convenient location. For me the key is using Gmail for my personal email. When I check my email, I manage to check everything else too.

How do you keep organized? Any recommendations for working/accessing information at a glance?


Michael Pauling said…
I use mine to display a word cloud of all the tags from my bookmarks.

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