Stopping to Celebrate Public Education


Our annual Excellence in Education dinner recognized educators, schools, and community entities for outstanding work in the field of public education through the implementation of a program or service. These recognized programs received the Crystal Award for Excellence in Education.

Each award winner had an opportunity to describe their program and talk about the impact it had on students. Winners ranged from a Health Related Technology program at a Career Center that serves the community through an adult daycare program to a character education program for elementary students and everything in between.

The common thread of relationships seemed to connect all the programs. Retired individuals connecting to middle school students, teachers connecting to digital age of their students, students connecting to their parents, students connecting to the community etc...

I left the event wondering whether we really understand school improvement. Is it about more math and reading options, tutoring and highly qualified teachers? Or is it really about connecting to the students and adults around us?

Congratulations to our 2009 Award winners:


Pictured above:

Top left: Jackie Ludka, Philomena Reduzzi and Patti McLain from the Pleasant Valley School District.

Bottom right: (from left to right-back row) Anita Shannahan, Norma Ferguson, Nancy Marsac, Dick Thompson, and Fred Henderson, mentors from the WE Exceed Program.  (from left to right in the front row) Samantha Sommer (seated), Sara Hriniak and Jacqueline Santanasto from the Bethlehem Area School District


dbittner said…
My vote is for making connections with the students and adults around us......
kemeigh said…
I'm with Donna... it IS the relationship. Congratulations to all the winners - and thanks for the encouragement!

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