Students as Partners in Reform

While I had the flu, I picked up Edie Holcomb’s book, Students Are Stakeholders, TooIt combines research on high school reform with practical strategies for engaging students. The book is presented as a case study, based on a composite of the manstudents as stakeholdersy schools she has worked with as a consultant. 

The author contends that “Students can be visionaries, advocates, and change agents--- when given the permission, expectation and some guidance” (Holcomb, 2007, p. 7).

I doubt high school reform will ever be simple, but imagine if students as well as staff were helping to craft and carry out a school improvement plan!

CONNECTIONS: As we looked at all the AYP Success stories from last school year (schools with high growth or high growth/high achievement) the single thing that stood out from all the school stories was a focus on RELATIONSHIPS!


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