Mobile App for Walkthroughs

I am totally enamored with Teachscape’s new mobile app for conducting instructional walkthroughs.

The standard walkthrough tool allows you to collect data on a variety of curriculum and instruction items based on educational research. You can also create/customize your own walkthrough survey. The best part is the data can be collected with a simple touch using an iPhone/iTouch!

Walkthroughs can be immediately uploaded with an internet signal or held in limbo until you have one. Perfect for schools without complete wireless coverage.

Reports including charts and graphs can be created from the companion website. One touch data collection with a full compliment of data tools… smart tools for a busy administrator!


Say good-bye to paper copies!

No more clipboards! No more laptops to lug around!


arshad said…
its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..Mobiles Handsets
オテモヤン said…
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kemeigh said…
Love this app! It is so quick and easy to use.

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