People, Not Purchase Orders

Administrators can and should be problem solvers. Unfortunately, the problems of schools are complex and not easily solved. In my experience with schools in improvement, this reality brings out one of three reactions:

A) Paralysis – the problems of schools are so big, they cannot be solved. This generally involves some type of blame – It’s the assessment, it’s the parents, it’s the administrators, it’ the students – they are not motivated.

B) Purchase – what can we buy to “fix” a problem.

65% of student achievement rests with the teacher – wish I could cite exactly where I got that from, alas it is a research conclusion that I picked up somewhere… The point is that despite all challenges to the contrary - It’s the rare school that understands the magic elixir is people!

Savvy people, collaborating to find the root cause of a concern. People, thoughtfully researching, not shopping in a catalog, hiring speakers, or checking items off a list. People, creating a common language of effective instruction!

What does this mean for school improvement planning?


Lori Stollar said…
It means that school improvement is hard work! It takes the efforts of all involved..teachers, administrators, parents AND students to improve achievement! Genuine collaboration is the key!
kemeigh said…
Common language and common goals that all the folks know and use is vital. Think of the kids - keep them at the forefront - remind each other - focus....Tough but worth it.

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