Inclusive Schools Week

Inclusive Schools Week is December 1st - 5th, 2008. This year's theme is, Together We Learn Better: Inclusive Schools Benefit All Children. A celebration kit is available at

For a great video to illustrate the power of inclusion go to I'm Tyler website and click on view video.


dbittner said…
I highly recommend the "Tyler Video" as well and have used it in numerous trainings. Be prepared though.....a box of kleenex is mandatory for those with a soft spot for kids in general, let alone for students with a disability. "Tyler" is an inspiration to all, young and old. What an amazing, young man!
kemeigh said…
I found another great resource for Inclusive Schools Week.
kemeigh said…
Another interesting video... how do you view your child? or your students?
kemeigh said…
Universal Design for Learning (UdL) is a great way to provide a truly inclusive environment for all kids.... another great wiki! Check it out!

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