Monroe County Schools to Provide Election Facilities

I caught the tail end of a news segment tonight stating that folks are considering requiring schools to have in-service days on election day. Monroe county was specifically mentioned. I didn't catch the name or title of the individual sharing this idea, but the thinking was that the current election facilities are cramped. However, schools have large facilities and ample parking to accommodate voter turn out.

Is this an added burden to school districts or an opportunity to get the community into the school?

Does it take away a "teachable" moment we have to connect students to the meaning of democracy?

Your thoughts?


Melissa said…
Having voters use schools adds for election facilities places additional burdens on schools. In my voting district, the closest school actually has a smaller parking lot than the fire hall I;m currently assigned to vote. In fact, my township is so large, that it is divided into 2 voting districts and both facilities have adequate parking. Even with the extremely high voter turnout this past year, both facilities had adequate parking.
kemeigh said…
I remember clearly when I was younger that we always had Election Day off. Before the day, our teachers taught us how to be good citizens, why we should vote, the value of our country etc. Then the community would arrive on that special day. The schools provided refreshments and information about the school such as texts to review, programs offered, and current projects. It is a great way to pull the community into our schools and partner with them.

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